How Working With a Mortgage Agent Benefits Your Business


Open Lines of Communication = New Possibilities

How many times have you lost a deal because the client was not pre-approved for more?  In this hot Toronto market, this happens frequently, but when working together, we can sometimes avoid this occurrence.


Last year one of my clients really wanted a specific house, made an offer at the maximum end of their pre-approved amount only to have it returned with a counter-offer.  After seeing their client's disappointment the realtor called me to ask if it would be possible to make an offer above the lender's pre-approved amount.  This is a decision that could have serious consequences.  My client would lose the property if they did not make another offer.  We needed to ensure their financing was able to support the increased offer or else face possible financial penalties in the end.  After reviewing the pre-approval and speaking with the lender I was able to increase their pre-approval amount. This was possible due to both my strong relationship with the lender and the strength of the client's credit and employment history.  The client was able to increase their original offer and buy their new home!

What if they had gone with a bank?  They would have lost this deal.  How do you think saving this deal made the realtor look in front of the client?...  Like a superstar!

This is not a typical situation but is one example of how, with open lines of communication, we can work together to keep our customers happy and referring friends and family to us both.

Ongoing Referrals

I wonder if you are aware how referring clients to me can help keep your pipeline full?  When working with me, whenever possible, any prospects referred to me by your clients are referred back to you.  This will help build your client base without increasing your marketing costs.   Conversely, when working with a bank, the buck stops there - your chain is broken leaving you with lost potential business.

Leveraged Marketing

When we work together, I will send cards and emails to our mutual clients to acknowledge special occasions.  Every correspondence will include your name and contact information helping to keep you top-of-mind and increase your repeat business.

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