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Current Mortgage Rates

There is much more to a mortgage than just the rate. Since every person’s situation is unique, I encourage you to contact me for a one-on-one personalized consultation to find the right rate and approach for your needs. 

Please note that variables such as income type, property type and credit score  and down payment amount, will affect the rate available to you.    Add "ish" after the rate.  3.39ish for a 5yr fixed rate.

1 year term – Fixed 2.99%
2 year term – Fixed 3.24%
3 year term – Fixed 3.44%
4 year term – Fixed 3.54%
5 year term – Fixed 3.64%
7 year term – Fixed 4.04%
10 year term – Fixed 4.44%
5 year term – Variable Closed 2.95%
Prime rate 3.45%
*Rates are subject to change.